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Back in 1998, shopping for auto insurance was no fun. It required lengthy forms and long approval times. Processing an insurance application was very time consuming. Forms would often be kicked back due to missing information. This led to long and frustrating wait times with paperwork passing back and forth from customer to insurance agent, agent to underwriter, and back again. Even after this, there was no guarantee a policy would ever be quoted or bought. This was a lose-lose situation for everyone.

a win-win solution

Around the same time, a group of insurance professionals and web developers put their minds together. The goal was to create an easy-to-use, web based system allowing people to rate, quote, and bind (and even print proof of car insurance) in literally minutes. This revolutionary ability to sell car insurance over the internet, while surrounded by doubters, would eventually allow us to shave the time it took buying car insurance down from days to mere minutes. At the same time the other challenge was to create a safe insurance buying environment as well. Well, hallelujah! History was created that year and ensurance launched.

Today, easy to use screens guide you through the application and quote process. The sequence of questions assures all data is secure and validated prior to submission ensuring complete applications. All required rating and qualification information is collected and ineligible risks are screened out up front making the process today so much faster and smoother than ever before.

how you benefit

Ensurance gives people just like you the flexibility you need to shop and buy insurance online at any hour of any day, without the pressure of a pushy salesperson. We also encourage you to come back and re-shop your car insurance as rates change each month and see if rates have dropped or if new insurance products were added such as better roadside assistance or a longer towing radius. We help you stay informed as hot new insurance topics develop and change so that you can take advantage of the newest trends in insurance. Check out our blog!

Ensurance really does put you in the driver seat by giving you a competitive edge when shopping for insurance. It goes without saying but we have to mention it anyway. Since we’re online 24 hours a day, every day, ensurance allows you to shop, compare and buy car insurance anytime when it’s convenient to you.

And since we’ve been here since 1998, ensurance is a proven solution to fighting the high cost of auto insurance. In short, we allow you to compare as many insurance opportunities as possible in a safe, easy to use manner which so many have come to trust over the years. Let us compare your insurance now too.