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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Agents are listed per ZIP Code?

We accept up to 3 agents per ZIP Code. Agents may advertise in more than one ZIP Code providing these are neighboring ZIPs or within a short drive. Once a ZIP Code contains 3 agents, it is full until an agent does not renew.

What if a consumer searches for an agent in their ZIP Code and no agent is listed?

If a ZIP Code has no agent listed, the Directory will typically continue to search 30 miles out to find and display the next closest agent. The benefit to you is, your Ad not only appears under your ZIP Code but could show up under other surrounding ZIP Codes as well.

Ad Placement - who gets top billing?

The first insurance agent who places their Ad in a particular ZIP Code is listed first. The second Ad gets listed second. And the third agent in gets listed third. When an agent cancels their Ad, the agent below moves up one successive spot closer to the top.

Is there a discount for advertising in Multiple ZIP Codes?

No. At $29 these ads are priced very inexpensively. And while we understand the desire to be listed in multiple ZIPs, we prefer agents list their agency only in the ZIP Code of their office for the convenience of consumers looking for a truly LOCAL agent.

I'm an insurance agent serving multiple ZIP codes so I want my listing to appear in more than one ZIP. How can I do this?

To do this, simply go through the process of signing up, one time for each zip code, entering the neighboring zip code in the agency's address field. That said, this is a LOCAL insurance agent directory so listings should be kept to ZIPs within a 10-15 mile radius of your office.

What is the "No-Risk" Guarantee?

Agents pay a flat $29 monthly and may cancel at any time for any reason and owe nothing more. There is no cancellation fee and no 30-day cancellation clause either. Feel free to advertise when you want, leave when you want, and come back anytime knowing there are no hidden charges and no penalties whatsoever. To cancel simply click Unsubscribe here or on the sign up page.

How do I make my logo appear next to my listing?

Example: www.ensurance.com/images/logo.gif is how our logo is accessed. For you, your logo is accessed in a similar manner, however, if you are not sure then contact your web site developer for the precise URL of your logo. (Note: Logo must be sized to 200 x 100 to fit.)

What if my credit card number changes?

It happens every day, we lose them, change them, they expire, they're reissued. When this happens, simply click here to Email Us your new credit card information. Be sure to notify us in advance of your monthly ad renewal so to ensure your listing stays in its original order.

I don't have a web site. Is the ensurance Agent Finder directory for me?

Yes. No matter how big or small your agency, if you sell insurance, you can still take advantage of the traffic generated from local customers looking for an insurance agent in your area. Simply list your contact information (address, phone number, etc) under your local ZIP Code(s). And yes, you can advertise in more than one ZIP Code!

Where do I indicate which zip code I want to sign up for?

To indicate which ZIP Code you would like to be listed in, simply provide that ZIP Code as the ZIP of your agency on the sign up page as you are signing up. (For more than one ZIP Code, simply repeat the process using the new ZIP Code.)

I'm still not sure. What if I have Additional Questions?

If you still have questions not addressed above, please Email Us and an Ad Dept team member will be happy to respond.

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