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Save Hundreds on Your Next Auto Insurance Policy!

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3 Fast Ways to Save Money Now on Car Insurance!

With gas prices and food costs rising, personal incomes are not what they used to be. Families are forced to find money saving tips wherever they can. You can drastically lower your car insurance bill today with simple little tricks such as comparison shopping each month, knowing what car insurance discounts for which you may qualify, and by slightly adjusting your comprehensive and collision deductibles. More

Does your car insurance cover other people driving your car?

One of the most common questions we hear is, "If I lend my car to someone, are they covered by my car insurance?" You might be surprised to learn that when you lend your car you are basically lending your car insurance with it! More

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What types of car insurance will I find at ensurance?

Ensurance offers you the ability to get quotes for Personal Auto, Commercial Auto and Mexico Auto.

What is the difference between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance?

Personal car insurance is for individuals or family members looking to insure their own car. Commercial car insurance is for individuals or companies to insure a vehicle used for work or is considered a company vehicle.