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Workers Compensation Insurance

Work comp insurance, as it's commonly referred to, in short, covers medical and rehab costs suffered by workers who become injured. More

California's Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Law

California's Fair Employment and Housing Act now requires that all employers with more than 50 employees provide sexual harassment training. More

Loss Prevention: Slips and Falls

The average person takes 18,000 steps every day, but how many of these steps are taken seriously? There are over 13 million slip, trip and fall injuries every year that can result in lost workdays, broken bones, "bad backs", even permanent disability and death. More

Loss Prevention: Transporting People With Special Needs

Social Service agencies often provide services to consumers that have special needs and or use a wheelchair. These two situations represent another layer of challenges to the service provider when they must transport these consumers. When people with special needs are not afforded the respect and dignity that all people deserve, the negative effects can be devastating. More