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Car Insurance File Claim: "I Want To File A Claim" also known as, "It's time to cash-in on my insurance!"

Sometimes we all feel that after paying all this money to insurance companies for so many years, we have a right to use our insurance. "Why wouldn't I use it? It's about time I cashed-in on my insurance!" Don't you feel like that sometimes?

You would be correct to feel like that because you do have a right to use your insurance. And insurance agents and insurance companies are trained to intake claims information and begin the process as quickly as possible.

So when would you NOT want to file a claim?

Avoid filing claims for the small "nickle-dime" claims. #1 It will likely drive up your price on following renewals - possibly for the next three years, #2 it raises a chance you will be canceled (depends on many factors), and #3 it adds a claim to your history which may say to the insurance company that you like to use your insurance.

So what do you do?

Look at the cost of repairs, consider how much your deductible is, and weigh out whether it's worth it or not, given the 3 possible problems outlined in the preceding paragraph.

Lastly, on the flip side of that coin, did you know that most "comprehensive" claims do not affect your price? This is a little known secret that insurance companies do not want you to know. (So what is a comprehensive claim? The easiest way to explain it is, it's everything other than collision damage, things like theft, vandalism, fire, or flood damage to your car.) Again, consult with your insurance company or a licensed, knowledgeable, trained insurance agent and look at your specific situation, policy, and insurer.