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Car Insurance Buying Tool

The questions listed below are tools to help you make a close prediction of how much car insurance to buy and which coverage you may need or not need. Individual situations all vary. Use the questions below as a guide to help simulate thinking and if uncertain, contact a qualified insurance professional. The final decision is yours. We disclaim any liability for not purchasing the proper type of coverage or not purchasing enough insurance.

3 Fast Ways to Save Money Now on Car Insurance!

With gas prices and food costs rising, personal incomes are not what they used to be. Families are forced to find money-saving tips anywhere they can. You can drastically lower your car insurance rates by little tricks like comparison shopping your car insurance, looking for car insurance discounts that you qualify for, and by tweaking your car insurance deductable. More

When trying to decide how much car insurance to purchase, one must look at several factors

  • How much liability coverage is needed to protect your assets?
  • How much liability coverage is needed to make the other party whole if you are at fault?
  • How much medical coverage is needed for your and your passengers should you be involved in an accident and do you have health insurance of your own?
  • Is your car new, old, leased or financed?
  • What if you are hit by an uninsured motorist?
  • What will you drive if your car is laid up in the repair shop for a while?
  • How will you get your car to the repair shop if it's not drivable?
  • How much deductible should I carry and what effect does this have on my price?
  • Do I need both Comprehensive and Collision coverage?