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Save Hundreds on Your Next Health Insurance Policy!

In the past, rising Health insurance costs have made it hard for people to leave their current employment and move out on their own.

But today it seems that finding affordable individual or family medical coverage is not as hard as it was.

Perhaps the trick to finding low cost health insurance lies in the way we view and shop for health care coverage.

Are we looking to have every last detail covered and all we pay is our monthly premium? Hopefully not.

Today it helps tremendously if we bear some of the health costs in addition to paying a monthly premium or else the monthly cost is just too pricey.

Here are some tips, and also some new ways to look at Health Insurance shopping when you quit, get laid off, or fired from your job and wish to start shopping online for your own health insurance policy without paying an arm and a leg.

If you’re married and your spouse has healthcare coverage, consider adding yourself to his or her policy.

Maybe you’re not legally married but you live with your lover / Domestic Partner / Significant Other. Many States now have plans allowing you to get coverage even if you're not legally married and even if you’re not gay or lesbian. Domestic Partner coverage or Significant Other coverage may be the trick. Investigate this option.

California’s domestic partners law even requires an extension of benefits by health care companies. For example, if a company sells a health insurance policy in CA then they must also offer domestic partner coverage as well.

However, if one works for a company headquartered outside of California and the policy is issued in another state, even though it insures individuals in California they need not extend coverage to Domestic Partners because the health insurance policy was not issued in California.

And believe it or not, there are still those health insurers who will deny coverage to non-married heterosexual couples. The rationale they use is this: Because heterosexual couples have the option to marry and same sex couples do not, then heterosexual couples should not need help with such an extension of coverage.

And of course there are still states that will consider common-law marriage as a recognized union (or marriage) once two people have lived together for a certain amount of time and thus they will extend coverage to them.

Texas is a State that recognizes common law marriages and gives those people eligibility for health insurance under their partner’s policy.

Just remember that laws vary from State to State and even vary sometimes from insurer to insurer.

If you’re attending a University or College, you can usually get affordable health coverage through your school, or you may be eligible under a parent’s policy once you provide proof of enrollment.

Another way that entrepreneurs have been able to find affordable health care coverage when leaving a job has been to join an organization that has a sponsored group plan.

And if none of these methods work, you can always view health insurance differently when buying your own coverage. For example, tradition plans you may have been used to cover you for the majority of the expenses and all you had to pay was a small co-pay upon each visit.

Now, look at PPO plans that have a large deductible each year. For example, a PPO plan that has a $2,500 deductible, Annual Out of Pocket maximum, means that you plan to pay all of your health care costs up to $2,500/year. By purchasing a plan such as this you drive your monthly expense down considerably, and in the end it can make your health care costs much, much more affordable.

And once you find a plan you can afford, it may be time to quit that job that only provides you the satisfaction of employer-paid health insurance and start your own company.