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Save Hundreds on Your Next Life Insurance Policy!

Qualify, rate, quote, bind, and even receive proof of life insurance literally in minutes.
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Save Hundreds on Your Next Life Insurance Policy!

Our simple online process saves you time while shopping for life insurance.
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A Life Insurer Projects Calm During the Storm

With the credit and housing markets in turmoil, life insurance was, until recently, an overlooked piece of the financial picture. More

Life Insurance - A Good Investment?

Life insurance is a very good financial planning tool. It is necessary for everybody, irrespective of the nature of work. In case of the death of an earning family member, there can be a case of huge financial crunch on rest of the family. So it is highly advised to insure your life, so that your loved ones do not suffer financially on top of being emotionally hurt. More

How many life insurance companies will I get quotes from?

We currently feature over a dozen life insurance companies all of which offer quoting to qualified applicants and online applications.

Can I get quotes for term life, universal life, and whole life insurance?

Yes, Of the carriers featured many offer term, whole, and universal life insurance products. Some only offer term life insurance while others offer an instant-issue life insurance product to those who qualify.

Can I buy my life insurance policy online?

Life insurance takes a little more time to underwrite compared to other types of insurance. You'll need to fill out the application online and either submit it with or without payment. It generally takes time for the life insurance company to finalize all paperwork and approve the application. Only after your application has been approved, the insurer will be able to process the payment.