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How to Save Money When Shopping for Car Insurance

All of us like to save money and no one likes to waste money on anything, especially car insurance. But we DO like to know that if we get into an accident, a) we're covered, and b) the other car is covered assuming it's our fault, and c) my deductible if applicable won't be too high. How do we accomplish this without spending too much money?

Shopping online has become the best thing since sliced bread, as they say. In minutes you're able to get quotes from multiple carriers whereas before the advent of the internet you had to either physically go visit several insurance agents, or get out the yellow pages, get on the phone, and sit through hours of questions with insurance agents trying their hardest to sell you car insurance from their company, just to find the cheapest deal.

Finding the right car insurance is, in many ways, like buying a car. Perhaps you want a car that will carry people, or haul things; a car the gets good gas mileage; a car that looks good but also drives well; or maybe a car that is fast, safe, and luxurious. Buying car insurance is the same thing.

Perhaps you want insurance that covers your State's minimum insurance requirements. Perhaps you want the cheapest auto insurance policy you can find, and nothing more. Or perhaps you want all the coverages available but at the lowest possible price. Maybe you're more concerned with coverage for car theft, liability insurance, or whether the insurer will be there to pay your claims should you be involved in an accident. Perhaps you have had claims before and were not satisfied with the way your claim was handled so you want a carrier known for having superior customer service. No matter what your needs, shopping online today gets those needs met.

Now, what can YOU do to keep the cost of car insurance low? There are several things within your control. For example, the most obvious one, do not speed and do not drink and drive, or drive in a reckless and negligent manner. Maintain a clean driving history. If you are unlucky one day and receive a ticket, and if your State allows you to take a driving school class to remove the ticket, DO IT! This maintains your clean record and for this most car insurance companies give you the Clean Driver Discount which is usually up to 20% or more, a hefty savings!

Also, ask your insurance agent about what other discounts are available from your company to be sure you getting all the discounts they have. Some agents forget to tell us about these and some do not know about all the discounts available, so dig around.

Some things that certainly do affect your cost of car insurance are somewhat out of your control, like age, sex, marital status, zip code, and type of car you drive. Some things you can control, like deductibles and limits of coverage. Try to maintain the highest deductibles you can afford because the lower deductibles cost more money. And try to keep the highest limits of coverage you can afford in the event that the "worse case scenario" ever does rear it's ugly head, but not so much coverage that it's breaking your pocket book either. So you have to find that happy middle ground sometimes between what we want and what we can afford, which again is why it's so important to shop around often for car insurance. Don't assume that just because you've been with a company for 2 - 3 years now that they're still giving you the best deal because chances are, they are not.

And shopping online is a fast, efficient, and relatively anonymous way of doing that. Most insurance company websites, if you read their privacy policies, do not give out your personal information, and in some States it's illegal for them to give out your information.

And lastly, many people do not realize that insurance companies generally update their rates and credits about 1 - 2 times a month. So what does this mean? It means shop, and shop often, in order to be sure that you're getting the best deal money can buy on your car insurance.

For other tips, check out the Tips and Advice Center on InstantCarInsurance.com where you'll also find, in addition to methods of saving money on auto insurance, an entire section devoted to plain English definitions of car insurance related terms, helping you find more ways to save money. We hope this has been helpful for you and that you will bookmark ensurance.com and come back often to shop through our 15 different online insurance companies with one easy to complete online application.